Sunday, August 14, 2011


I used to have a blog. It was fun. Mostly me complaining about girls. Making lots of poopy jokes. It turned into a muddled mess though. There was no direction.

What it needed was a word or acronym that I had only previously heard of in pornography. POV. I worked on a TV show that really stressed people to determine their POV and then when I told somebody I was thinking of starting a blog again they asked about it as well.

I have ideas. Things I want to write about and talk about with people. Then I came up with this totally bitchin name for a blog and had to build my POV around it. I've always been a fan of shows like Three Sheets, No Reservations and Insomniac. Travel shows where the host can have a drink. Ultimately I want to be Ford Prefect. That's right ladies I like English science fiction. Come over and we'll have a Doctor Who marathon.

So I'm going to profile bars I've been to. Things that happen at those bars. And sometimes as a special treat I will still be drunk while doing so. Those will be the ones that mix in Johnny Cash lyrics and end with me crying.

Oh and uh...welcome to the human race.

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