Thursday, December 8, 2011

Black Bear Lodge

Another closed bar. Their website says they are hoping to reopen when they find a new location. I wouldn't bet on it though. If you find a new spot why use the old name? It wasn't exactly the 40/40 Club. Let's get to it.

Carpets. Oh lord, here we go again with the carpets. Does this work anywhere? What is underneath here that is so much worse? Pentagrams. Of course. They roll back the rugs after hours and this is where satanic rituals are held. I was conceived during a satanic ritual. Maybe that's why I feel so at home in these places.

Shitty television. Carpets and shitty TV's go together like peanut butter and jelly. I actually hate jelly. You get the point though. Some things are forever linked. Entwined. Twisting their way to the floor where they bang like animals. Which one is the lady? Carpets or shitty TV's? Trick question. They're both ladies.

There was a back area with wood tables. It was probably good if you are in a group. I was there with only two other people though so we didn't go back there. We met at midnight. One of the reasons I like NY is because you can meet at midnight and still have 4 full hours of bar time. Some people work late. What are they supposed to do wait until the weekend? This is America. Nobody should ever have to wait until the weekend.

$10 buckets. This is why we came. It was PBR. They were really cold. Cold cans of beer. No food at all. I do like food at the bar. Even if it's just some fries. If you are there long enough you are going to need something to eat. There is a 7 Eleven across the street. You could have gotten some cheap hot dogs or taquitos there. Buy some smokes too. Just make it a trashy night. Go for it.

One day while driving a cab I picked up two people leaving Bull's Head, a bar across the street from Black Bear. It was sometime between 4:30 and 5:00 AM. They were both hammered. Hammered people love to talk. They guy got out a few blocks away. The girl was staying until Astoria though. She wanted to chat and she was way cute. She was from Louisiana and she moved up here to be an actress. Of course. She was a bartender though. Just finishing her shift. The guy was a regular and she gave him a ride home since he spent so much money at the bar. Heart of gold. I'm in love now.

She asked if I've ever been to the bar before and I said no. I had  been to a bar across the street though that I really liked and it closed. She practically jumped out of her seat and asked the name of it. I told her Black Bear Lodge and she said that used to be her place. She was the regular bartender there. She told me the whole story about their lease problems. The owners have a few other places around the city. Including Bull's Head. So they gave her a job there. She missed Black Bear though. We all do. So if you're at Bull's Head and your bartender is a cute blonde girl from Louisiana tip her well. She might give you a lift home.


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